Friday, June 8, 2012

DroidGOX Card Games Now Live

Finally, I just published a new game app called DroidGOX Card Games. This app features a collection of card games that are common and unique.

The games in this app are actually games that I made as Java applets way before and I thought I would try making an Android game just to have an idea how it works.

This app is the product of that curiosity.

The first card game featured in this app is Pyramid Solitaire. Try to clear the pyramid and the stacks as fast as you can to be part of the top 10 highest times.

Currently I am working on finishing Tower of Hanoi so I hope you will enjoy these games.

Yes, I know. These are simple card games and card games are not really addictive. But they can be great complements to killing some time.

If you notice, the graphics are simple. If you wish to contribute your creativity to make the app better looking, drop me a comment here and we'll talk. Your name and info will be included in the INFO section of the app

[CLICK HERE] to go to the app's Google Play page.

The app does not include any ads because I know how annoying ads can be. At least show your appreciation by giving a 5 star rating and give a +1 to the page. Thank you!

Enjoy the game(s)!

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