Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Free And Paid Versions Of Phivolcs Earthquake Alerts And DroidGOX Card Games

I recently found out that my country is now supported as a Google Wallet merchant. I have no idea when this was made available but after I read about an article regarding Google Wallet I tried to check my developer console to see if my country is now supported.

Luckily, now it is. Hence I have made both free and paid versions of my app DroidGOX Card Games and Phivolcs Earthquake Alerts.

The difference for now is that there are no ads in the paid version.

Sweep: First Card Game To Feature Gesture

Sweep is the first card game to feature gesture controls as part of the game that can help influence how high or low your score can be.

Remove cards from the board that are adjacent and match in value. When spots open up for new cards, click on the Add button

Try to use all 52 cards and clear the board. Click on two cards that are touching horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to remove them.

Use your finger to swipe up, down, left or right to push all of the cards in that direction to fill empty spots.

The more cards you remove in succession, the more each removed pair is worth. Each pair of cards removed is worth 1,000 multiplied with the streak.

If you shift the cards, you lose 1,000 points. Each time you add more cards, you lose 1,000 points. If you use all the cards and clear the board, you get a 5,000 extra score.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Landscape Based Card Games: Total 11 & Mathematics

I never considered making any landscape based card games until after I added a feature in my mobile game DroidGOX Card Games to have leaderboard via Google Play Games and finding out that All in 15 is a top hit because of its easy game play.

So the first games to be featured in landscape mode is Total 11 and Mathematics. Both games are very easy to play.

In Total 11, you pick any number of cards that add up to 11. Jacks, 10s, Queens and Kings are considered 10 in value so make sure you pick cards selectively to get as many points as possible. The more cards that add up to 11 the more points you get to score.

In Mathematics, 2 cards given to you will be considered the value you need to add up by using 7 available cards and using mathematical equations to get the desired result.

These 2 games are not time based so take your time and plan your cards accordingly.


Friday, February 28, 2014

DroidGOX Card Games New Logo & Google Play Service Support

I just released a new version of my app DroidGOX Card Games with Google Play Service support. Now you can challenge your friends and every other Google+ user around the world to be on top of the leaderboads.

Plus, I decided to change the logo of the app since the original one sucked.

What do you think of this now? Better, right?

I hope the leaderboard feature will entice you to play the app even more. I will be adding more new games, ones that have a good probability to clear the game and base solely on getting a higher score compared to clearing the game in as less time as possible.