Monday, October 10, 2011

DroidGOX Widgets: Birthday Available For Free

I have finally released my second Android project in the Android Market and it is available for free. I made a birthday Android widget for this one and the user interface is pretty simple.

Every midnight, the widget checks if the user's contact list has birthdays matching the current day. If there is/are, then they will appear together with the contact's avatar plus 3 visual buttons in green color where the user can either text, call or send an email to the birthday celebrant.

If the contact has more than 1 phone number and/or email address, a popup window gets displayed asking the user to select which one to use.

Feel free to give this a download. And do leave a rating and comment regarding the widget. Thanks!

Note: There may be cases wherein the last update of the widget may not be on time every midnight. This can be because the Android system stopped the service if the phone is low on memory.

Still, the widget does run every 30 minutes to ensure that the service is up and running all the time. Click the icon on the right to go to the widget's page in the Android Market.

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